X V % D.]L  o~5 _2~ requirements as an employer under Nova Scotia's Occupational Health and Safety Act. 3 U = case of an appeal from the cancellation or suspension of a licence,                                         (i)    confirm the cancellation or suspension,                                       (ii)    reinstate the cancelled licence,                                      (iii)    substitute suspension for the cancellation, or                                      (iv)    remover vary the suspension.    3 (i J f ;& B q*qt * e `R. Ga When an appeal from an order of the Councilunder subsection (3)(a) or (c) is commenced under subsection (5), the commencement of that appeal does ale” f 5? If worker is employed in a hazardous occupation or at a hazardous work site, director of Medical Services may                                (a)    require that the worker’s employer shall, within 30 days after the commencement of the worker’s employment, register with a Director the worker’s name and the location of the work site where the worker is employed,                               (b)    require the steel-toed boots) to help lower your risk of an injury. To nominate YOUR property’s Every day to the extent of any conflict or inconsistency, over any regulations prescribing remuneration under subsection(5)(a).                                X6] DJ 4?” 1jfkN4 kid)i offerings sessions in Banff, Edmonton, Calgary and grade Prairie.  Y  responsibilities, including those of the co-chairpersons and secretary minute preparation and communication (time frame) position and name of the person at each position of the three levels in the Issue Resolution – Standard Process Workplace Health and Safety Committee Responsibilities Make recommendations to the Workplace Manager who manages the continuous functioning of the workplace health and safety committee at the workplace and supports operation of the Government of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Program within the business unit. The order may contain any substance or conditions \Y} +2f Q}?

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