I have had that video for three years now, and I am dying to show the public what happens when you talk safety about these home builders. I want to show you the video right now but if I do I could face a year in jail. Does that make sense in a free country? It’s like I am living in North Korea, if I expose the truth.” Not only has Hunter paid a lot of money in legal fees, but he has also been arrested and he has spent time in jail for what he believes in an attempt to expose the whole industry and the lack of safety enforcement in the province, such as workers not wearing boots and helmets, and roofers not wearing safety harnesses. “It has a lot to do with freedom of speech,” Hunter remarked. “I have already been arrested once and I have already spent time in jail because I was standing in front of a house holding a sign that said “Safety Over Profits.” The problem was I already had an injunction and the police came and arrested me.” Hunter plans to continue his protest against the home builders and OHS, who he alleges has caused him more grief than good. He even has a web site: saynotoohs.com . “I’ve ruined my whole life,” Hunter moaned. “I got sued and thrown in jail. For three years I have been waiting for an answer from OHS. I have phoned them and I have emailed them.

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